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Amateur Radio Society G4AQG

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Welcome to G4AQG

G4AQG shackG4AQG active on SSB and CW on the HF bands.

G4AQG was first licensed in 1971 but closed down in the mid 1980s. It was re-established in 2006.

We have a number of wire aerials supported between trees - a 160m doublet up at 60ft, 40m dipole up at 75 ft, 17m and 30m dipoles, an inverted L with 85ft vertical and a 1/4 wave vertical for 80m. We have three DHDL loop antennas (NE, SW,SE) and Beverage antennas (850ft NW, 600ft reversible E/W , 800ft reversible North/South) for DX listening. The original 60ft Versatower tower has been refurbished and we have a JayBeam TB3 Yagi for 20/15/10. We will soon have remote control of club facilities via the internet, so that members can listen (and if licenced, transmit) from the comfort of home.



**48th anniversary of G4AQG BBQ - Friday 23rd August, 5.30pm onwards**

The University Amateur Radio Society G4AQG Summer Barbecue will be held the club station on 23nd August 2019 from 6pm, celebrating 13 years since we restarted the club in January 2006 and 48 years since it was first established in 1971.

All are welcome, staff and students, Alumni, Sussex-ex, local amateurs.

Foundation and Intermediate training courses from Autumn 2018

We want to enable more staff and students to use the station and enjoy Amateur Radio, and are setting up Foundation and Intermediate training courses for the Radio Communications exam from Autumn 2019.

G4AQG welcomes anyone interested in any aspect of amateur radio, from contests and the ancient art of Morse code to digital communication and satellites. You don’t need a licence, just an interest, as the existing ‘hams’ are always prepared to help others get involved.

For further details about the club please email or contact Jeremy Maris (ITS)

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